Whitney Wolfe Herd: The Creator Of Bumble and Bumble Biz Is Making Strides For Women In Online Dating

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Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble, which is headquartered in Austin, Texas, has accomplished a lot in her career, to date. The company is the quickest-growing dating app in the United States, but it is also revolutionary as it works by letting women make the first move in online dating. She believes that this approach will shake up the online dating world by creating a less aggressive experience, because rejection can cause people to feel insecure and act out. Since many men have a hard time expressing their feelings, and instead bottle them up, this puts the rejection factor solely on the shoulders of women who may be able to handle it differently.

Since Bumble’s creation, Whitney Wolfe Herd has put together another app named Bumble Bizz. The app deals with professional profiles and allows people to place digital resumes, images, skills, and their previous work on it. A large part of the app’s focus is mentoring and networking rather than being a place to find jobs or employees. Something interesting is that the company decided to hire 10 people who they could discover through the app, itself, and this has turned out to be a great PR move and more

Whitney Wolfe Herd notes that Bumble Bizz profiles don’t include a person’s age, because of possible ageism. She has commented that while she hasn’t experienced ageism herself, many other women have, and she wants to help them overcome it. Conversely, she says that she does her best to not let her own very young age effect how she runs Bumble but that she can also relate to a lot of the women who sign onto the app to find a dating partner. She also knows that many of the women are not in their 20’s but are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, and that she makes sure to focus on their needs, as well.

Whitney Wolfe Herd studied at Southern Methodist University and majored in International Studies. She was recently wed to Michael Herd, a businessman who focuses on restaurants and the gas and oil industry, in Positano, Italy where they had a very colorful and amazing wedding. She has been asked if being so successful at a young age puts extra pressure on her to accomplish more in her life, and she has answered that she doesn’t measure success by specific things she has done but more by the impact they’ve had on people’s lives. She hopes to continue to change people’s lives for the better and more