What Is A Cleansing Conditioner And Why You Should Try It Out

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One of the newest trends of the cosmetics companies is the 2-in 1 hair conditioner called “cleansing conditioner.”

Cleansing conditioners are essentially hybrids of shampoo and conditioner, both in one product. This trend promises to be one of the best alternatives to prevent and treat damaged hair as well as cleansing from all the dirt in the atmosphere that can stick to the hair. They clean and hydrate in one wash.

The cleansing conditioners are not made to go along with the shampoo + conditioner routine but replace it. There are different routines like the “no-shampoo routine” and “co-washing” which benefit greatly from them.

Because the cleansing aspect of these products is less damaging to the hair, they are a better fit for hairs that are dry, damaged or fragile. It really strengthens your hair and is said to be an important agent in combating frizz. However, people that have an oily, greasier scalp should maybe use a different type of product.

Simply applying the cleansing conditioner to the hair and massaging the scalp for a few minutes is the right way to use the product. It is a good practice to distribute the conditioner well across the entire hair.

WEN hair care by Chaz Dean

Having sold over 40 billion bottles in 16 years, WEN is one of the best options if not the best for cleansing conditioners in the store. They also have other types of products that have great reviews from their customers, including a Nourishing Mousse and an Anti-Frizz product. Their cleansing conditioner is said to have a 5 in 1 formula, not only replacing your shampoo and conditioner but offering additional benefits to your hair like additional moisture.

Because of their history in offering products of high quality and offering products that are good for all hair types, WEN are highly recommended for people that are looking into experimenting with cleansing conditioners for the first time or even veterans in the subject.

Watch Vimeo to see the results in using WEN Hair products.