Unwavering Determination Of End Citizens United

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End Citizens United Organization was an idea inspired by Supreme Court. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that wealthy people are allowed to spend money in America’s election. These funds will neither be limited nor traceable. Due to this liberty, it has caused no accountability or transparency. Some rich people are compromising integrity. They want political power to be in their favor.

This shortcoming motivated End Citizens United to rise and fight this imbalance. The organization was established in March 2015. Some grassroots donors came together and funded this movement. The aim is to counter the negative effects caused by Citizens United and restore former systems of financing campaigns.

People at the grassroots level may seem to be weak and unable. End Citizens United is here to prove it is a misconception. Candidates, voters, press, elected officials and other supporters are fighting this vice. When people at the grassroots level merge and coordinate, they will bring reforms. It will be a coalition that will persuade lawmakers to make appropriate changes.

End Citizen United believes that there is no democracy when a few billionaires control elections. The political system will be rigged and only serving a few individuals in the nations. Wealth does not mean possessing power and using it unjustly. It is possible for many grassroots people to defeat a few elite and wealthy individuals, contrary to common perception.

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James Bopp

James Bopp is the man behind End Citizens United. It was never his aspiration to pursue politics or campaign finance laws. Bopp intended to work as a doctor like his family members. He went to college and pursued organic chemistry. Later, Bopp changed from chemistry to political science and then law. In law school, he served in the Young Americans for Freedom.

Bopp began his law career by representing conservative people. As he did his work, Bopp joined Indiana Right to Life and finally became general counsel for National Right to Life. Currently, James Bopp is working hard to destroy facets of regulations in campaign finance. He believes the present system is unfair and depriving people of their rights.

Citizens United is about oppression and dominion by a few individuals. They want to make national decisions based on their interests. In the present day, robbing people their rights only makes things worse. Citizens understand their rights, and they will no longer be quiet. It is ill-advised for elite power-hungry individuals to assume that they can undermine lower people in the economy levels.

Lawmakers need to review the effects of 2010 Supreme Court ruling. They should introduce regulations protecting the collective interests of citizens. Not allowing a few people to oppress the rest of the nation. Democracy should not be enjoyed by elite members of the nation only.

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  1. Serves them politicians right because most of them always go with the feeling that they are unstoppable and knowing that this political group is doing this serves them well. Probably research paper resources can provide a better view on what the situation is all about. The good news is that the End Citizens United are backed to function by law so nothing to fear and they can now carry out their duty in regulating most of this excesses.