The Rise of Brown Modeling Agency

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In society today, professional modeling is one of the most sought-after fields of work. Unfortunately, everyone can’t be a model and everyone can’t work in the industry. This field of work is very exclusive and is very small to some degree. Some of the most popular cities in the world play host to the most exclusive agencies. This includes New York City, Milan, Los Angeles and Paris. For years and years, these cities have had the game on lock, but today is a new day. Did you know that some of the biggest names in modeling came from small towns? That’s right! Have you ever heard of the up-and-coming agency known as Brown Modeling Agency?


Brown Agency is setting newer and better trends than many of its larger constituents. The Austin, Texas-based company has been around for only a few years, but it has earned a solid reputation in the process. Brown Modeling Agency, often referred to as Brown Agency, was founded by Justin Brown in 2015. The agency is a combination of Wilhelmina and Heyman Talent-South. These two talented companies already had a large fanbase as well as a large talent-base. As of today, the sky is the limit because up to 450 individuals work under this huge umbrella. Many of the talent has worked on bigtime projects as well as walked down the brightest of stages. This includes Austin Fashion Week as well as Dallas Fashion Week.


According to Market Wired,print, promo, fashion, runway, catalogue, industrial video, film, television, conventions and many more. Is there anything it can’t do? For those who are interested in modeling, the agency’s official website will allow you send in your headshots. The agency also does a wonderful job of hosting open calls, which is another great way to find a diamond in the rough. The talent here is very professional during interviews, castings and work-related projects. This professionalism is instilled into each and every member of the (BMA) family. What more could anyone ever ask for? All in all, this is modeling of the 21st century and there are few agencies that can outperform this agency on a consistent basis.



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