The Lime Crime Products All Newbies Must Sample

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Lime Crime is not a traditional cosmetic company. It is a vegan and cruelty-free company that chooses its shades based on optimum vibrancy. Its CEO is referred to as the Unicorn Queen and its cosmetic names include hair color shades like “Gargoyle” and lip colors like “Black Unicorn.” What is not different between this company and other leading cosmetic companies is their dedication to quality and to their customers. Variety is key for their rainbow-favoring fans and here are the top three products all new shoppers should sample.


Velvetines Lip Color


Not only is this line of lip colors favored by consumers, it is also a common choice for professional makeup artists as well. The lip colors are designed to stay in place all day without constant touch-ups. The colors are vivid and smell as heavenly as they look. Cool shades to consider; Cashmere, Wicked and Bleached.


Unicorn Hair Color


Natural, safe and gorgeous smelling. That is what people should expect from Unicorn Hair by Lime Crime. It is an easy-to-apply hair dye that intensifies as it sits. A 30-minute wait leaves behind a pastel shade and darker results require an hour or more.


Diamond Crushers


Yes, they offer hair products, nail art and makeup brushes but another lip product needs to be mentioned. Diamond Crushers are the most glittering lip cover to be found anywhere. The company describes the effect it provides as making “you glitter like a fairy on acid.” It is designed to be worn over lipstick or on bare lips. It can even be applied to the face to accent cheekbones, eyes or anywhere a little sparkle is needed.


Another benefit of purchasing from Lime Crime is their dedication to philanthropic causes. The company frequently donates to charitable organizations the CEO personally supports. An example is their Kitty Bundles make up sets where 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the bundles is given to a charitable group that fosters and adopts out stray cats.


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