The Groundbreaking Pharmaceutical Research by Jeff Aronin

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In the current world, medical practitioners are trying to integrate pharmaceuticals and biotechnology for effective medical delivery. Various laboratories are making substantial advances while some still do not have the relevant equipment and technology within their grasps. Therefore, Jeff Aronin and his staff at Paragon Biosciences are doing their best to beat the odds that disadvantage many scientists who are passionate about the discovery.


Paragon Biosciences and all its activities are now the leading medical companies worldwide with unmatched skills in biotechnology. Their primary focus under the able leadership of their Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Aronin is to offer quality medical services to neglected patients. The company has come up with the development of over 13 advanced drugs which have gained the approval of the industries heading the pharmaceutical companies globally.


Jeff Aronin ensures that his committed team of employees attend to the needs of their patients with diligence. They get to research about the pathology and virulence of the rare diseases. With this, they get to device the most effective ways of administering drugs and other means of treatment to their patients.


As an experienced and qualified medical practitioner, Jeff Aronin formulated specific steps which then led to the development of Paragon Biosciences. First, he learned about the loopholes in the medical needs of his patients. He then researched on the proper scientific ways of curing the diseases. ring his trials attracted various successful business leaders and lucrative investors who had interest in his work.


Together, they pulled their resources to build a world-class medically approved industry. Some of the companies that have formed partnerships with Paragon Biosciences include Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Some of the advances that their teamwork has made successful include the discovery of drugs for curing epidermolysis bullosa simplex, a dangerous skin disease in young children. The facilitators of the project were Castle Creek. On the other hand, Harmony Biosciences where concentrating their efforts in curbing disorders of the nervous system such as cataplexy, narcolepsy and much more. With all this, the world will be a better place.