Sweetgreen Ingenuity

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Companies born from originality always stand out, regardless of how many similar companies there are. Sweetgreen is a high-end salad chain that works much like Chipotle but is much healthier. There are many things about Sweetgreen that other legacy restaurants could learn from, but they’ll never be able to truly compete with the Sweetgreen brand.

Sweetgreen is the kind of the restaurant that does everything for the customer. Even before customers walk into the place, they can feel Sweetgreen’s polite energies. It’s singlehandedly reinventing the food industry, offering healthier, fresher, organically grown local produce. Sweetgreen is beyond the tradition, boring salad.

Sweetgreen’s brilliance doesn’t stop at their ingredients. Running a business in the modern world requires an in-depth use of technology, which is no problem for Sweetgreen. All three of the company’s co-CEOs are tech pioneers who studied at Georgetown University. They’ve made technology a part of the company’s DNA.

The brand also differs from traditional restaurants in its management strategy. Rather than build a main headquarters, the co-CEOs are bi-coastal and move from one place to another, growing their company one location at a time. The purpose behind their new management strategy is to decentralize their headcount.

All partnerships work best when everyone is on the same page. For Nathaniel Ru, Jonathon Neman, and Nicolas Jammet, they’ve been on the same page since their Georgetown days. They met in an entrepreneurship class and hit it off immediately. It only seemed smart to go into business with each other. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Since opening 40 locations nationwide, they’ve done a lot of interviews, mostly Ru. In an interview with Fortune, they talked about their initial fear of failing. They didn’t worry about not succeeding until the first winter break on campus. Most of the students are away and vacation and the customers aren’t coming in as fast.

Looking back on everything he’s done, Nathaniel Ru has one piece of advice for his younger self: read more. Learning doesn’t have to be a boring activity, but it’s always helpful to know as much as possible. Even though he already reads a lot, he still thinks he can read more.

Also, he’s learned that it’s important to have a good team around. In the beginning, it was just the three of them doing all the work.

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