See the Position Graham Edward Will Hold at the Center of Policy Studies

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Today, most organizations look for ways in which they can generate new initiatives to realize remarkable growth and get hold of all their goals. The Center of Policy Studies hasn’t been left behind in doing this. It has launched an initiative known as New Generation so that it can make fresh policy thinking possible and attract new faces. It aims at coming up with some radical policies that will help it secure a brighter future. The four major policy programs CPS intends to come up with will mainly focus on the issues that affect the future and lives of people. Some of the areas it will touch include welfare, planning and housing, business and enterprise, and living cost and tax.

Graham Edwards is one of the executives who will be joining CPS on housing. He will chair the Housing Policy Group that was recently formed and he will also serve as a reliable CPS Research Fellow. Graham happens to the Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium in the United Kingdom. It is actually the largest property company that is privately owned. Graham will also be pivotal in helping the in-house develop some critical policies that will govern both home ownership and house building.

Graham Edwards went to the Cambridge University where he did Economics and afterward worked at Merrill Investment Management as a fund manager (Facebook). Besides being an investor, Graham Edwards is also a passionate philanthropist. He is not just interested in software development and mining, but also in real estate. He is a generous contributor to his community besides having some serious executive positions to hold. He is an active member of committees such as Portland Trust and One Voice Europe.

Trillium Telereal was founded in 1997 to give way for the Department of Pension portfolio and Works. Telereal came into a half-half joint venture in 2000 with William Pears Ltd. Graham initiated the transaction where about 6,700 properties got a transfer to Telereal from BT. The property deal for this process was about 2.4 billion euro. At BT Plc, Graham Edwrads served as the head of finance. He also happens to be a member of the UK Society of investment, Association of Corporate Treasures and Chartered Accountants Institute both in Wales and England.