Securus video visitation helps prevent criminal activity

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Since the mid-2000s, Securus Technologies has been rolling out its innovative video visitation system. This high tech system has been revolutionizing the way prisons handle visitations and phone calls ever since. However, as beneficial as video visitation has been to the inmates themselves, it has, perhaps, created even more value for the institutions which have implemented them.



Video visitation makes facilities more secure


Traditionally, the in-person visitation was one of the largest security holes that institutions had to face. The opportunities for corruption of staff, illicit communication and passing of contraband were legion. This often led to draconian protocols where innocent family members were treated with such a high degree of suspicion that they went away feeling as if they were the ones incarcerated for felonies.


But with video visitation, all of the problems of running a visitation area are gone. While video visitation has not completely replaced in-person visits, they have reduced them to an extent that has allowed for freeing up manpower and generally increasing the overall security of the facilities in which they have been installed.


However, there is an even larger, more direct benefit. Through Securus’ ultra-high-tech suite of monitoring systems, many of which use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence developed for wartime, prisons are now able to investigate crime and illicit communications like never before. Through voice, biometric and facial recognition systems, staff is immediately alerted when any banned parties are communicating with any inmate in the facility. Conversations can be listened to in real-time or parsed later for anomalies like the use of code words. All this adds up to safer prisons for staff and inmates alike.

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  1. The system has proven enormously popular with inmates and their families, saving many thousands of dollars yearly in telephone costs and the costs associated with visiting the facility in person. This is a simple way for to understand the facility and technological cost of the whole project.