Securus Attempting to Keep Communication Clean and Helpful in Prisons

Published on Author Androidita

Securus Technologies has been in the news for a number of reasons. For example, it has been helping families stay connected through smart technologies. I kmow people have a hard time traveling to correctional facilities since most prisons are pretty far from living communities. This means that people have to get rides or use a lot of gas to get to these facilities. Families, especially struggling families, cannot make it, but Securus has been offering these families a way to communicate through online tools, such as emails or video chats.


Video chats and other online tools that Securus offers families make it easier for them to stay connected to the inmates they care about. One reason Securus got into this industry is because it understood that communication is vital for rehabilitation. Those who are incarcerated feel like there is a reason to rehabilitate when they are in constant communication with loved ones. Prisoners also feel a sense of relief when they talk to others because they know that their loved ones are doing okay. Securus also knows this, which is probably one reason the company offered free calls in Louisiana.


The offer was given to the people of the state after the floods because the company felt that people needed to be reassured that those they cared about were okay, even if those individuals were in prison. State prisons across the state received free calls from concerned family members who were relieved to hear from each other. Securus was more than happy to be a part of this campaign because it proved, yet again, that communication is important to the human race.


Providing the ability for prisoners to communicate with the outside world does have its pitfalls. Some of the people Securus are trying to help are prisoners, so it makes sense that some of those people will likely try something illegal. I know one of the problems Securus is trying to combat is contraband cellphones. These cellphones are used to make illegal profits within correctional facilities, which can lead to extortion and even violence. Contraband cellphones have even been used to make calls that have put others in danger, such as ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson. This ex-correctional officer was attacked in his home and was shot in the process.


The man survived and joined Securus’ crusade to try to stop the abuse of communication tools that is taking place in prisons nowadays. The wireless containment system is definitely one of the most impressive steps taken against this problem, and hopefully, it helps eliminate the issue. I think communication is great when it is used right, which is what Securus is attempting to do by making sure every prisoner gets an opportunity to do so. This tool is also going to help correctional officers patrol their prisons a lot better, and that is another thing to be thankful for.