Roberto Santiago Redefining the Entertainment Sector in Brazil

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Roberto Santiago comes from a respectable family and is a visionary and businessman from the city of Joao Pessoa in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. He has risen to prominence in the last few years, primarily after he constructed the two very famous shopping malls in the city, the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, and the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago started the Manaira Shopping Mall in 1989, and it is the largest mall in the state of Paraiba and one of the top ten biggest malls in Brazil. Roberto Santiago has an eye for detail and while constructing his first mall, the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, he learned a lot about how to develop a comprehensive activity center such as a mall. It is this experience that he put into building the Manaira Shopping Mall in the metropolitan city of Joao Pessoa. It attracts hundreds and thousands of people each day and continues to be the number one hot spot for people visiting the city.



The Manaira Shopping Mall by Roberto Santiago is designed as per the international standards to ensure that the people in the city get to experience all the best amenities in their town without having to go anywhere. The Manaira Shopping Mall is spread in a vast area of more than 135,000 square meters, and it has the space to provide parking to more than 3,000 vehicles. Not only that the Manaira Shopping Mall has some of the best restaurants and brands housed in it. The people in the city can be sure that they would enjoy their time when visiting the Manaira Shopping Mall, which is always buzzing with activity. The Manaira Shopping Mall has 11 movie theatres, and two of them are fitted with the latest and the innovative 3D technology. There are food and snacks counters at the movie theatre that offers a wide variety of snacks and beverages for the guests at reasonable prices. All the latest national and international movies can be seen at these cinema halls.



Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall is so massive that it also has a bank and a school inside. People in the city of Joao Pessoa can be sure that they would enjoy their time with family when they visit the Manaira Shopping Mall. It has a range of activities for the kids as well as the adults, starting from the bowling alley to a shopping center and from kid’s zone to the food court, and much more. The Manaira Shopping Mall is a comprehensive activity zone for the adults as well as the children. People who are looking to spend some quality time with their family can visit the Manaira Shopping Mall and can be sure of having a good time. There are many things one can engage in and enjoy their time.