Robert Ivy Has A Positive Impact On The Future Of Community Planning

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Community planning options have always been tied closely to the work of architects who spend their time looking for new ways of being the first line in the continuing fight for public health awareness in the coming years.

Public health is just one of the many concerns of Robert Ivy which have been placed center stage following the arrival of the former Editor of Architectural Record magazine which is one of the most impressive in the architectural and construction sectors.

Installed as CEO in 2011, Robert Ivy has looked to further the reach of the American Institute of Architects to fulfill many of the needs of members who have been calling for the trade association to take a stronger leadership role in community development. In the past, the AIA has been accused of being to bogged down in its own legacy but Robert Ivy is looking for new ways of making sure the group is now seen as a responsive and proactive group capable of playing a key role in the development of the latest demands of the public.

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In developing the American Institute of Architects to become a modern and innovative design organization, Robert Ivy as an architect the use of new technologies is a key part of the decade-long plan implemented by Robert Ivy and announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2012. Computer-generated imagery is now seen by architects around the world as a key part of the future of the sector as the ability to explore designs for their success for the future has become a key ingredient for the modern architect in the view of Robert Ivy.

The work completed by Tulane University Master of Architecture Robert Ivy as an academic has become a major part of the improvements made to the AIA over the course of his tenure as CEO which began in 2011. As the leader of this impressive trade association, Robert Ivy has continued to place his trust in research and development as these continue to form the basis of the work being completed by the AIA for the future. Effective community planning can have a positive effect on commonly seen medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes which are among the most dangerous to members of the community in the 21st-century; research has already shown the link between architecture and productivity which Robert Ivy believes will eventually be proven to exist between architecture, community, planning, and public health.

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