Perry Mandera’s Ability to Excel in Business Gives Everyone an Example of How to Succeed in Life

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Many people may know Perry Mandera as the founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, but they may not know about his struggle to succeed. He began working in the logistics and transportation industry in 1976. However, his determination to succeed began long before he began his journey in the logistics and transportation industry.


Perry Mandera Began His Career in the Marines.

He often speaks fondly about his time in the Marines. It was a period in his life in which he learned a lot that made him the successful businessman he is today. While in Marines, he was responsible for transporting supplies and troops. This gave him an in-depth view of how shipping services often impacts everyone’s larger goal.


Perry Mandera’s Devotion to Public Service Did Not End After He Left the Marines.

After returning to civilian life, Mandera decided to run for political office. In 1984, he became the Republican Ward Committeeman for Chicago’s 26th ward. He served a four-year term. He was not only successful in his first bid for public office. He was also the youngest Republican Ward Committeeman in history at that time to service in Chicago.


Perry Mandera Never Misses an Opportunity to Give Back.

Many successful people are thankful for their success, but aren’t interested in giving back to their community. Perry Mandera is not one of those people. He never misses an opportunity to give back to his community and people in need. Whenever possible, Mandera provides needed resources and gives his time to programs to address peoples’ needs. For example, he is passionate about helping children. He sends plenty of financial donations and material support to programs that help children in need (Insidephilanthropy).

Perry Mandera began his life’s journey wanting to help people. The impulsiveness of his youth became the focus he needed to succeed in life. As he grew older, he became calmer and wiser about the business deals that would move his career forward verses just giving him a lot of money. It does not matter what stage in life he’s in, Perry Mandera is devoted to helping other people both publicly and privately.