OSI Group Has Innovated And Expanded Over The Years Thanks To Sheldon Lavin

Published on Author Androidita

OSI Group is one of the largest food processing company’s in the world today thanks to the expansions brought forth by Sheldon Lavin. The company employs more than 20 thousand people today and operates in nearly 20 different countries around the world. Sheldon Lavin maintains a leadership role at the company as CEO and has ever since the 1970’s.

OSI Group was first started back in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky and he named the company Otto & Sons when he sons were born in 1928. At first, the company was a small butcher shop and then expanded into a meat market over the years. As the company continued to expand, the found themselves with more partnerships and more product to move each and every year.

Despite being a small family owned business, they continued to thrive over the years and eventually signed a deal with McDonald’s to supply their patties. This was the beginning of massive growth for the company and it allowed them to remain as McDonald’s first choice. As one of the defining moments of the company’s growth, they needed the help of a financial expert, which is why they called in Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon was able to maintain the company’s integrity and expand on all areas of food processing, not just focusing on meat. When the development of flash freezing came around, everything change for the OSI Group, being able to take on more work customers than ever before at reduced costs.

Otto & Sons retired in the late 70’s, leaving the company over to Sheldon, making him the Chief Executive Officer and allowing him to change the company’s family name. Sheldon’s first move for the company was to expand from being a national company to an international one. By expanding into new territories and building new relationships with company’s like Subway, Burger King, and K&K Foods, Sheldon built a huge opportunity for OSI Group.

Today, OSI Group has their massive employee base spread out across the globe working at more than 60 different food processing plants. The company’s headquarters are still in the United States, where it was originally born. Sheldon Lavin still has plans for growth when it comes to the OSI Group and wants to bring their services to more regions around the world.