Oncotarget Working for Better Application of Scientific Research

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The word “oncotarget” includes all molecules, pathways, and cellular activities that are typical in cancer and aging, neurodegeneration and atherosclerosis. These functions are also included in lymphocytes and neurons, cancer cells and microbes. Oncotarget is an established and conventional free access journal that combines several branches of learning. The journal puts out papers online on a weekly basis and every edition can be published for special demand. The journal’s administrators are leading scientists and it works to assist researchers in playing a role in the development of science.

The Mission of Oncotarget

The objective of the journal is to ensure that findings made through scientific experimentation are made available promptly and extensively. This is done in order to boost the effects of research through perceptive and intelligent analysis. The purpose is also to ensure that unprecedented and phenomenal scientific findings are shared expeditiously and to get rid of boundaries between specialties. The Oncotarget journal is determined to ensure that various divisions of biomedical science are connected so that the functions of elemental and clinical science are encouraged in the fight against disease. All efforts by the journal are intended to ensure that there is life without disease.

A scientific Journal with Distinctive Qualities

The journal was founded in 2010 and carved out a niche as an outstanding journal throughout the world. The journal has continued to see an increase in its citations and has received one of the highest rankings because of its exemplary contributions in the fields of medicine and oncology. As a result of the success that the publication has achieved, the editors have expanded to other fields such as cell biology, pharmacology, neuroscience and cardiology. The journal is also open to publications in the areas of metabolism and endocrinology, as well as numerous other areas. The members of the publication’s editorial board are all eminent scientist and specialists in vast fields. Some have been honored at the highest level in their careers. All chose to join Oncotarget to lend their knowledge and skills to the journal. This has been the key factor that has given the publication a swift and solid reputation.