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Lori Senecal is a global leader who has experience in counseling multinationals within industries. She has been inspired by the beautiful power of creativity and innovation to bring transformation /change and growth. She has involved herself in helping organizations and executive teams to mobilize around visions and invent industries and categories with the aid of creating businesses with extraordinary values.


Lori Senecal as a global chief executive officer has put these principles into action to come up with dynamics, cultures that are talent focused and attractive business models, so that unique world-class companies emerge.


Lori Senecal has the role of overseeing CP+B’s expansion and global growth, coordinating and managing ten international offices of the firm and have focused on the worldwide development of agencies. She has made an enormous impact on the culture of CP+B and the business, leading to the development of collaborative, agile and a genuinely inventive modern global agency, providing international consistency with local market innovation being powerful


Recently Lori has been honored because her leadership has revolutionized the future of businesses making the most creative people in the industry to spot her. She has focused on talents and thus fueling the entrepreneurial spirit of agencies resulting in recognition of CP+B as the innovators of creativity during the year 2017. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Lori has been brought up in Montreal as the last born in a family of four sisters, which has motivated her to search for her achievements and identity since her elder sisters have adverse talents. Her parents have always instilled a strong desire for her to work towards reaching for Excellency.


In her interview with Adam Bryant, she says that she has the feeling that she has inherited her mother’s creativeness and innovativeness in business. Outside classes Lori has had interests in gymnastics in her younger age whereby she has later shifted to coaching as a part-time job. These interests outside class work have always been a preparation for her future career. Seeing the athletes succeed in the sports brings hope and helping someone to be ambitious and confident in what she wants is one of the things that bring happiness to her.



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