Jorge Moll, the neurology researcher

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Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist and the founder and president of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He is interested in the neural and psychological mechanisms, which govern a human’s social preference and choices. These psychological and neural mechanisms help to shape values and morals. They also modify culture, neurotechnological interventions, and experience. The driving force for him to excel in his career is so that he can assist people with conditions that negatively affect their lives. His research and education institute provides a more in-depth look at the functionalities of the brain and how the various activities we undertake change the way we do things (

His research has been used to discuss why the human mind behaves the way it does in specific activities. For instance, his research helped explain the five ways why giving is good for us. In the five ways why giving is good for us, it explains in depth, the benefits we get from donating in charity or volunteering in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. The first reason why giving is good for us is that it helps us feel happy. According to Jorge Moll’s 2016 study, giving activates the region of the brain associated with trust, social, connection, and pressure. The activation of these parts of the brain gives a warm glow effect.

Secondly, giving is beneficial to our health. According to extensive research, scientists have been able to link generosity to better health even for the sick and elderly. Research has also shown that the reason charity relates to better health is that it reduces stress. Stress is often the cause for a majority of health problems. The third benefit is that giving promotes social connection and cooperation. According to sociologists, the more you give, the more likely you are to get back. Another advantage is that it evokes gratitude. Finally, giving is contagious. The research Jorge Moll conducts helps solidify various theories that have not been proved over the years. Jorge Moll’s work is recognized around the world and is causing a revolution in the way the world see various issues in the society.