Jorge Moll is Taken Neurotology to the Next Level

Published on Author Androidita

Jorge Moll has always been known for being a man that will help with brain research in any way possible. One of the most impressive things that he has taken part in is explaining the whole structure of the brain and how it functions in everyday life. Most of us are already aware of the brains 3 parts that it has, however, most are not aware of how they are linked. One way that Jorge Moll explained the way they are linked is by saying that they are wired together. The reason that he used the word wired is that he explained that the three parts of the brain are wired together similar to how a house is wired together. He explained that the three parts of the brain is wired together perfectly allows us to function the way we do.


Jorge Moll went on to explain that without being brain being wired this way that we could not properly function or possibly not function at all. One interesting thing that was noted is the fact that if the wiring is incorrect that it can cause serious damage to other parts of the body. Another fact that Jorge Moll pointed out is that we are all constantly working on weakening our wiring. This is something that can be done by simply over thinking too much or by stressing too much. One part of the human body that is very vital to stay strong is the nervous system. This is the part of our body that helps to transfer messages to different parts of the body. Once the nervous system of our body begins to weaken we instantly begin to have trouble controlling different parts of our body. This in return can lead to permanent and serious damage to the human body.