Jeff Yastine and the Kennedy Accounts

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Jeff Yastine is a financial journalist who has been doing highly-regarded work for many years; he is probably best known for his Emmy-nominated coverage of various topics relating to investing and the economy on The Nightly Business Report. As a journalist, he’s spoken with powerful and influential people from Fidel Castro to Warren Buffet, and he’s never hesitated to share the insight he’s gained from his immersion in the world of high finance. Currently, he edits Total Wealth Insider, which gives readers advice on how to find stocks that are about to gain value dramatically. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Talk Markets.

The Kennedy Accounts

A topic Jeff Yastine has covered extensively are the Kennedy Accounts, also known as Direct Stock Purchase Plans. This way of investing was created by President John F. Kennedy early in his administration to help give the economy a much-needed boost. Essentially, having a Kennedy account allows average Americans the opportunity to purchase stock directly from companies without a broker or some other middleman. This increases Return On Investment dramatically; it’s that simple.

So why haven’t more people heard of investing this way? That’s also pretty simple: Wall Street doesn’t want the average American to know about the Kennedy Accounts, and over the years lobbyists have worked hard to keep the the public ignorant of their existence. To an extent they’ve succeeded, but experts like Yastine are getting the news out. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

When Yastine has covered the Kennedy Accounts in his financial writings, many people have thought they were a scam because they sound too good to be true. Well, they aren’t a scam, and sometimes companies even sell stocks through the Kennedy accounts at a discount. With that being said, as with any other investment, it can take years for stock purchased through Direct Stock Purchase plans to pay off. They are simply one more tool in the savvy investor’s toolbox.