Jason Hope the Philanthropist and the Product of Change

Published on Author Androidita

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s in Business Administration. He believes in this concept of the Internet of Things. This concept refers to the idea that almost all devices will be able to sync with each other in the future; even appliances that we come across in our daily lives such as street lights. Jason Hope sees that in the near future the Internet of Things will produce more productivity and less waste for the environment. Instead of the internet being an added tool that we use in our daily lives it will become a necessity and individual will use technology to complete basic task such as turning off the lights before leaving their homes. Through this necessity it will create competition amongst companies to create the best apps. Jason Hope truly believes that The Internet of things will pave the way for the future creating a safer more functional environment.

Due to Jason Hope being a Philanthropist and investor he humbly gave $500,000 to SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Foundation, which is a non-profit organization based in California. The SENS Foundation forces on the rejuvenation of biotechnologies more specifically aging diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. Jason Hope works closely with Aubrey Del Grey, who is the CSO (Chief Science Officer) of SENS Foundation. Grey honored hope’s wishes and put the donation towards a disease known as Arteriosclerosis, which causes the hardening of the arteries. With the donation Grey and Hope believe that they will be able to make great advancements in technology and human medicine and more specifically find a way to restore the elasticity in aging skin and create a breakthrough for Arteriosclerosis. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Jason Hope believes in greater technology and has a passion for helping to resolve aging diseases as well as other diseases in the future, but Hope knows that it something that he cannot do alone. Not only does he donate money to organizations such as the SENS Foundation or the Andre Agassi Foundation, but he also offers grants to students and other entrepreneurs. He supplies grants to students who are on their way to create innovative concepts that will help improve technology. Hope also hopes to inspire others to become philanthropists and even gives them advice on how to do so. Jason Hope is an innovator and has a love for technology and rejuvenation biotechnologies and wants to use that passion to foster change. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000