Have You Tried The Incredible Software, NGP VAN In Your Campaigns?

Published on Author Androidita

One thing for sure that cannot be ignored is the advancement in technology which has touched every single area of human life. From health where we have smart bandages to the economy where soon we are going cashless and to politics where the traditional canvassing is no longer yielding to mention but a few.

The current politics, especially in the United States, has become so much digitized that the campaigns have been made more yielding as a result of this incredible NGP VAN’s software. Almost every tangible Democratic campaign across the US is being driven by this software including the historic Obama campaigns, fundraising, volunteering and every operation in all the 50 States.

The beauty of NGP VAN is the unassailable tools and trailblazing technology that they provide the organizers, strategists, organizations, and fundraisers that enable them to achieve their aim in their campaigning drives. You don’t have to break a bank in order to use this software. It is a great platform spiced with affordable prices to cater for both the upcoming and the established.

Recently, this political software company, NGP VAN, which is based in Washington DC, was involved in the “International Day Without Women” where it hosted a “Day Without a Woman”. On this day they were celebrating their female employees who have played major roles in Washington DC. The company is really taking a great direction in educating the community about the value of having a woman in the workplace.


Having been known for its great value and belief in matters to do with gender justice and sensitivity, NGP VAN, has really actualized their belief through participating in this Women Day. Most of the women at this company are engineers, developers, accountants, account managers, human resource experts, markets, and data specialists among others. In this day, all the women in this software company do charity works for DC charities. That’s really great, right?

NGP VAN has been on the forefront of not only supporting governmental politics but also fundraising, social networking for various NGOs. They have developed a smartphone app called MiniVAN which has been very crucial in the door to door canvassing.

Through the app, the voters can carry out a campaign fund drive, have voter’s data, focus their energies on the regions where they are strongly supported, and give the campaigners what the voters of a certain region want to hear as related to their needs.