GoBuyside CEO Arjan Kapur Recognized A Niche In the Financial Industry That Needed To Be Filled

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Arjan Kapur is the founder and CEO of GoBuyside. The company acts as a platform to connect financial industries professionals with employers in a highly competitive hiring market. Kapur had the idea for GoBuyside when he noticed a trend of increasing competition for available talent coinciding with a shortened hiring cycles in the world of hedge funds and private equity funds. The idea behind GoBuyside was to help both employers and candidates for employment by creating a forum where transparency and an abundance of information about both sides of the equation would be available. GoBuyside was launched in 2011 by Kapur in order to bring to life his ideas about simplifying the hiring process in the world of finance. GoBuyside makes use of internet job postings along with application tracking databases to help bring together employer and employee. The company also has an interest in research in the field of artificial intelligence. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

In GoBuyside’s platform, both employer and potential employee benefit. Users of the system can access information such as proprietary compensation reviews and employers have the benefit of having GoBuyside’s hard-working team behind them. Kapur has built and refined his team’s strategies toward giving the best service to GoBuyside’s clients that is possible. The professionals at GoBuyside are extremely knowledgeable and professional in the execution of their work. Read this article at Accesswire.

Kapur has a simple strategy when it comes to growing GoBuyside’s business. It might sound like the usual answer, but he fully believes that offering a superior level of customer service to ones clients is the secret to success in any business endeavour. GoBuyside works hard in partnering with clients in order to meet their goals to the highest possible standard. This attitude has been instilled in the GoBuyside business model from day one and is the reason that it is now servicing over 10,000 firms worldwide. Asked about how he implements his business ideas, Kapur reveals that he has always had a knack for spotting a great business opportunity. He loves seeing an opportunity, putting together a plan and then implementing it. One of his opportunities he sees on the future horizon is the development of artificial intelligence and perhaps this will be another big opportunity that he spots well in advance.

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