Glen Wakeman Gleans Lessons From His Life Experiences

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Glen Wakeman has quite an impressive resume. Not only is he the successful founder and president of Nova Four, but he has over 20 years working for GE Capital, and he is an investor and mentor. He attended the University of Chicago where he obtained his MBA. He also attended the University f Scranton where he obtained his BS in Finance and Economics. He is even a certified Six Sigma Black Belt (


Wakeman created a startup program known as, and through this site, he is able to help coach his clients through planning services for businesses and can also utilize digital marketing to reach his customer base.


A typical day for Wakeman is a busy one. He begins by reviewing sales, cash, and performance in the service field before holding a meeting with his business partner. He divides the day’s duties as well, and he also spends a substantial amount of time on research. He has found that the key to running a successful business requires trust, delegation, and no time lost to backtracking.


Wakeman is always think9ing and coming up with ideas. He has found that it is helpful to explain his thoughts to others and that when his ideas are heard out loud, it can help to shape them or even solidify them into something more. Or, he may find that the idea is not as good as it sounded in his head.


Wakeman’s tendency to be curious has helped him to work through many problems and to understand how to improve on things. He has not always had the most desirable or pleasant job and has even had to clean bathrooms to get through college bt his determination and perseverance has really paid off (Glenwakeman).


Wakeman has taken a lot from his experiences and has learned that even if you fail, you can always move on from it and use it and apply it to your future endeavors in order to achieve success. He recommends reading,” The Art of War,” because it is simply timeless and offers insight into teamwork, and discipline. It’s also a real page-turner.