FreedomPop Is One Of The Best New Wireless Services Around

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FreedomPop gave their customers a taste of free services, and many of them liked it. It was because they introduced free cell phone services to the wireless market that got FreedomPop their start, and then they also introduced free Internet services as well, which all continue to be impactful on their business today. There is no known business model like the one that FreedomPop has, which is to give free services that have no charge attached to them, even if a customer is not currently paying for any other services with their company.


Many cell phone companies will require that a customer pay for something before they can get anything free, and this is why FreedomPop is different and more popular. No FreedomPop review should be written without mentioning the free cell phone service, even if it only mentions it briefly. The free service was created in 2011, and FreedomPop has been able to steal away many customers from different wireless carriers that claim to be the best carriers in the business.


The fact that FreedomPop can offer low-priced cell phone service, as well as free service, even free Internet service, it proves that they are looking out for their customers’ best interest, and they’ve gained many customers because of this. The free cell phone service will continue to include 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messages, and 500 MB of data. The paid cell phone service includes 500 MB of data as well but will have unlimited talk and text. The data limits are never a problem for FreedomPop users because there are offers they can complete to get more data.


Using Wi-Fi services can also be a way to get a lot more extra data on the free service as well as with the paid plan. Many are also making the move towards the unlimited everything plan for $19.99 because it gives them the freedom of knowing that they have unlimited services, including unlimited data. The only reason a person may use Wi-Fi services with the unlimited everything plan is to have continuous 4G speeds because only one gigabyte of 4G LTE data comes with the plan.

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