Field Technicians From Securus Technologies Become Certified By BICSI

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Eleven installation technicians from Securus Technologies were recently certified by the Installer 1 program from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). This is a very important certification as BICSI’s certifications are recognized worldwide, and it’s an affirmation of the quality of work that Securus does. The certifications covered at BICSI include installing fiber optic cables, wireless hubs, and copper wire distribution. Securus Vice President of Technical Operations, Danny de Hoyos spoke about the importance of this certification, and how it enhances the company’s expertise and reputation among its customers. Securus Technologies has been an outspoken leader in installing telecom systems over the last 30 years. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Securus Technologies serves about 3,400 correctional facilities, a number that’s grown since its founding in 1986. The company has made communication between inmates and their families streamlined and affordable during this time, moving from managing telephone systems to now operating complete IT infrastructures at client facilities. Securus sets phone call rates and inmates or their families can purchase prepaid minutes through ConnectUs, or enroll in an automatic billing system. Inmates can also signup for voicemail. Many facilities have also been able to cut down on mailroom costs thanks to Securus Instant Mail which delivers electronic mail to inmates once it’s been scanned.


Whenever inmates’ families wish to visit, they no longer have to travel any long distances to do so thanks to Securus’s video visitation system. Using simply an internet connection and a camera, families can share holidays and birthdays with their loved ones. Securus works around the clock to monitor inmate activities and alert law enforcement agents. Investigator Pro is a biometric scanner with a voice recognition algorithm to detect any criminal associates inmates might be in contact with. Securus’s system is connected to police databases all across the nation for instant access to relevant information in an investigation.


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