Eric Pulier Is a Talented Entrepreneur

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Being a successful entrepreneur means that you need to have a great deal of creativity. You also need to have a very good idea regarding what the public wants. Otherwise, you will not be able to tap into their various buying trends that will help you to succeed. Fortunately, Eric Pulier has both of these qualities and then some. He always seems to be aware of various trends that are taking place in the industries that he is involved in. One of the things that has allowed Pulier to have such a long career in an unpredictable industry is the fact that he does his homework.

Eric Pulier went to college at Harvard where he received top marks and constantly impressed all of his professors. English literature was his major. He had entertained the idea of becoming an English literature professor. He liked this job because it was something he had a passion for. However, this job had several other key advantages. First of all, college professors do not need to work in the summer. Also, their schedules are fairly light and not very demanding. It was not until Eric graduated that he finally realized that this was not the career for him. He was going to make an impact in a completely different field.

Tech startups are something that Eric Pulier got involved with completely by accident. He just happened to become friendly with a few people who were already heavily involved in their own startup.  His friends were more than happy to show Eric all of the intricacies of starting a tech business online. Little did he know at the time that he was going to make a huge impact in the world of tech startups. In fact, the industry would never be quite the same.

The creation of startups like Akana, ServiceMesh and Desktone soon followed. Pulier made his mark in a variety of industries.

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  1. Eric thought what they were doing was very cool and wanted to learn more. Eric believed in becoming involved in a wide variety of industries to reach the largest possible number of consumers. This is also going to be easy for to get everything under their belt and maybe use it professionally which is not going to be easy at all.