End Citizens United is Turning Heads

Published on Author Androidita

Is it possible for the supreme court to be charged with treason?

Any literate American citizen can look at the history of the supreme court’s decisions and be confused and outright appalled by many of their rulings. And who are these people clad in black robes, only one out of four Americans can name half of the justices. The people don’t elect them so it should be no surprise that they don’t represent us or rule in our favor. But it’s time for a change, tens of thousands of Americans are now putting their money behind a PAC that is snowballing into a political juggernaut aptly named End Citizens United.


Who Is End Citizens United?


Even if you only lightly follow politics, you’ve likely heard the term (PAC) used. A PAC is an acronym that stands for political action committee. These organizations pool the resources that help fund candidates and initiatives to pass legislature or fight against it. End Citizens United was founded in 2016 and assumed the name of one of the most boneheaded rulings by the supreme court in American history.The Citizens versus the FEC (Federal Elections Committee) ruling allowed for unlimited funds to pour in from the corporations to support their interests, not the interests of the people. End Citizens United plans to fight back using the same tactics. Only it’s funded by the people not the likes of faceless entities like “big pharma” or “big tobacco”. End Citizens United is operated by a small staff and led by Tiffany Muller, Jody Murphy, and Adam Bozzi just to name a few.


Making Waves in the News


Both MSNBC and USAToday had to post articles regarding the amount of money that is being contributed by small donors. According to the article posted back in April, the PAC had already raised $2 million dollars and that number is on pace to reach a projected $35 million dollars. Ordinary working people are showing up by the thousands, according to the article over 325,000 Americans have signed the petition demanding new legislature to overturn the supreme court’s ruling. Americans from all walks of life are becoming more and more politically involved and educated. People that identify as Republican, Democrat and Green Party are all throwing their weight behind the movement and the establishment media is taking notice; we can be sure if the mainstream media is covering the progress of End Citizens United, then also be sure that the dark corrupt corporations of the world will have a keen interest in trying to get in the way of the will of the people. Corporations are not people, our politicians should not be auctioned off to the highest bidder and the American people should not live under the boot heel of dark money.