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Dr. Jennifer Walden is considered one of the best in her field of plastic surgery. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Walden recently moved her practice from New York City back to her home state of Texas. She is now practicing in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Walden is proud of the fact that she built her successful practice with an all-female team. She is in a small percentage of board-certified plastic surgeons that are formally trained in aesthetic plastic surgery, in the state of Texas who is also a female. Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff of 16 females have years of experience in trying to help women achieve the look they desire. They do some practice on men, but their clientele is a majority of women.

Dr. Walden is a firm believer that women should be able to have it all, a satisfying career as well as a happy family. She built her practice with marriage a low priority. Around the age of 38, she decided she would become a single mother. Dr. Walden conceived her twin sons through IVF.

Dr. Walden uses a male au pair from Capetown, South Africa to help care for her sons, Houston and Rex. They were a large part of her decision to bring her practice to Texas, so she could raise her children near family. She also factored in the fact that Austin has been supportive of women-owned business‘.

Dr. Walden has been featured in the media, both on television and in print. She often appears on local news channels in and around Austin on lifestyle segments. She has also shared her expertise on ABC News, Fox News, VH1, E!, and Dr. 90210. She has also had comments appear in print in major publications such as Vogue, Teen Vogue, and Cosmopolitan among others.

Dr. Walden believes in giving back. She supports many local and national charities. She loves supporting the Austin Community and has been recognized in the city as a top philanthropist. Dr. Walden is proof that woman can achieve success on their own and through their work with other women.