Dr. Mark McKenna- A medical entrepreneur

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Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and chief executive officer of ShapeMed. He is a medical practitioner who has gained repute for his entrepreneurship establishments in the United States. Dr. McKenna features in a CBS television show known as the Doctorprenuer. As the term suggests, it is a show that highlights cases of entrepreneurship in the medical and healthcare departments. Dr. McKenna says that he joined the show out of respect for the founders of the show, Cliff Oxford and Jeff, who both are accomplished medical practitioners. The show will educate the people on the entrepreneurship side of medical services. Dr. McKenna has featured on the show alongside other prominent medical practitioners who too have invested heavily in the medical business. The role of McKenna in the show is to discuss the about his own establishment ShapeMed which is an aesthetic and wellness medical firm. The firm is currently in the process of a nationwide, innovative physician partnership business model. Apart from ShapeMed, Dr. McKenna is also the owner of another medical establishment known as the OVME.
OVME started the firm after working in the medical aesthetics industry for about a decade. He was able to grow the firm to become a leading medical firm in the whole United States. He then sold the firm to publicly traded company. Dr. McKenna is a licensed medical practitioner in the states of Florida and Georgia. He was born in New Orleans and studied at the Tulane University medical school.


After completing his studies, he joined his father in the medical practice through his establishment. At the same time, he was decided to start a real estate venture firm. Dr. McKenna was always a business minded person. This is the same reason he has been able to excel in the medical services entrepreneurship. He was able to grow this firm and became one of the biggest in New Orleans. Although most his investments were badly affected by the 2006 Hurricane Katrina, he was able to bounce back and invested heavily in affordable housing units. Dr. McKenna attributes his success to hard work and commitment to improving the medical services. He wants people to enjoy the better medical treatment.