Cone Marshall At The Front of NZ Trustee Companies

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There are a variety of law firms out there. Some make sure that banks are honest and accountable in their book keeping. Some law firms fight for environmental causes. Other law firms help individuals with everyone from traffic violations to serious felony chargers. Cone Marshall law firm, led by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, is based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Their law firm is at the center of trusts in various foreign markets that operate in a variety of industries.

I believe that law firms that fight for the best interests of their clients are central to the tenet of attorney client privilege. Recently, Cone Marshall law firm successfully fought for the rights of their companies in government. Teaming up with several high quality law firms, they fought hard for a change to the trust law at the national government. By winning this fight, they followed through on their promise to fight for their companies and ensure their future success. While I don’t have a large amount of experience beyond minor speeding tickets, this is something I want to know that the lawyer is going to place above all else. After all, it is innocent until proven guilty.

If we start with lawyers who act based on their presumption or assumption of what’s “right” instead of acting simply in the best interest of their client, then the entire judicial system falls apart. There are lawyers colluding with each other over what would be the “correct” outcome instead of presenting objective information and letting our peers decide. This is the very definition of corruption. Hearings become only for show and a few individuals at the very top decide for the rest of us.

Representing over 1000 companies, Cone Marshall has a very important role in ensuring the survival and interests of these businesses that employ thousands of people. With people’s jobs and livelihoods on the line, Cone Marshall showed that it is an exemplary law firm that fights for the rights of these individuals to succeed. By ensuring change in the government that benefits these companies and its employees, Cone Marshall showed the justice system and government can work for the people.

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  1. When I’m looking for representation in a court of law, I want to know that the lawyer I hire is going to do everything in his power to act in my best interest. Cone Marshall is a central player in the foreign trust industries. The main reason for this that has completely refused to help in the review of Cone Marhsall