British Financial Expert Chris Linkas: Explaining the Benefits of Investing Young

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Chris Linkas 1Chris Linkas is a financial expert who believes that investing while young is beneficial to an individual. For him, the most valuable element of investing is time, and it is the one which sets the goal for an individual to complete his goals in life. He then explained that younger people have more chances of incurring larger profits from their investment because they have managed their finances wisely. Chris Linkas would want to encourage the younger generation to invest more of their money in investments that would yield larger returns in the future. He has also pointed out the things that the youth should remember when they are investing (Discogs).


For Chris Linkas, the younger generation is the one who would benefit most from time-based investments. Having more time on their hands, they can take advantage of compounding, especially with investments that would only require them to store their money and wait for it to accumulate over time says Chris. They can also invest their money in the stock market and leave their shares until its value has risen drastically. Another characteristic of the younger generation that Chris Linkas liked is their willingness to face new challenges and risk everything that they have. Since the younger generation can still earn more, they can put their money in high-risk investments. Despite its volatility, high-risk investments can give the highest revenues for people who are into investing. Chris also pointed out that the younger generation wanted to learn more and expand their knowledge is one of the things that they love doing. They wanted the experts to teach them about the basics, and according to Chris Linkas, it is a great way for the financial experts to train new people who would be beneficial to the industry.


Chris Linkas have stated that the younger generation will reshape the future of financial management, especially that their generation is the one who has mastery of the recent technologies being presented to the public. The younger generation must have developed their financial literacy so that they can help many people who wanted to invest in the years to come.