Brian Torchin, Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

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Torchin Accomplishment

Brian Torchin is a medical professional and the Founder of HRCR which is a staffing company based in the US. Torchin started the staffing agency with the aim of helping connect medical professionals to the job market.

Staffing agencies are considered as a place where individuals would go and get a job quickly for a short period. This was is not the case in HRCR as its philosophy was to create a long-term partnership with its employees and they have succeeded in doing that.

Today HRCR boasts of being one of the most successful staffing agencies in the medical industry with offices in 50 states across America and others in Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia.

Brian Torchin is an Exercise Science graduate from the University of Delaware. In addition, he has a Chiropractic Degree which he acquired from the New York Chiropractic College.

Glassdoor reveals that Brian Torchin desire to start a staffing agency was as a result of his own experience when he was looking for a job after studying to be a chiropractor. He did not find the experience of looking for a job pleasant thus didn’t want any of the medical graduates to go through what he had.

Social Media Activities

Torchin has a commanding following in the social media platform, and he is very active. He virtually updates posts in all the major social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and Torchin uses the social media to post jobs and new openings in the medical field.

Advantages of Utilizing Torchin Services

It is no doubt that Torchin has helped thousands of medical graduate get meaningful employment in the healthcare industry.

By using HCRC, medical institutions have a high possibility of getting the right working personnel. Besides Torchin is a qualified medical practitioner and uses his skills to offer counseling services to physicians, physical therapists, and clients in the health industry.

Media Outlets That Have Features Torchin

Brian Torchin was recently featured in an interview on CNN where he was regarded as a true patriot of the health care industry. Other media outlets that have featured Torchin include Digital Journal and, both which have highlighted his achievements in the health industry.

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