Boraie Development is Transforming New Brunswick with Classy Apartments

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According to the article in the Central Jersey Working Moms, New Brunswick area is known to receive people who have a lavish lifestyle. As a result, real estate agents have decided to develop the area by building classy rental apartments which suit the needs of the needs of the people. That has attributed to New Brunswick area becoming a stylish residence.

Aspire Apartments is one of those classy apartments found in this area. Boraie Development, LLC has developed the apartments; included in the apartments is a stunning studio, which rents out for 1650 dollars. The units rented out at Aspire Apartments are affordable because one reaps numerous advantages of staying in one of these classy units.The apartments are divided into two categories. One of them is the one-bedroomed units that rent out for 1800 per month and two bedroomed units which are mostly offered to individuals with large families. They get to have a balcony and a private terrace.

The other advantage of living in Aspire Apartments is the fact that the apartments are located near the train station. This is of great help to people who would like to go to Manhattan and Philadelphia. The proximity of the apartments to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, a medical school known as the Rutgers Medical School and a university known as Rutgers University makes the apartments to be in high demand. Visit Bloomberg to see more.

According to NYTimes, the good news is that there are around 238 rental units available for all the interested tenants. The tenants of these apartments enjoy the services of a doorman and also the services of an on-site man who manages the apartments 24 hours a day. The inside of the apartments has some breathtaking features. Some of these features include a gourmet kitchen. This type of kitchen is fit cabinets, glass tiles, and stainless-steel kitchen appliances. The owners of these apartments get to enjoy lavish bathrooms and also access to high-speed internet. During winter there is no need to worry about the extreme cold since the units have a modern heating system.

Boraie Development, LLC  owned by Sam Boraie is a company which offers a wide range of services which are centered on the area of the urban real estate . Some of the services that they offer include developing of Real Estates, management of property and also sales and marketing. The staff of the company is devoted to coming up with outstanding properties and at the same time providing excellent services to their customers. The company can do so because they have professional architects and contractors. Check out the website

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