Bob Reins Creates A Masterpiece With Talk Fusion And Video Email

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The name Bob Reina has become synonymous with video marketing. When he started Talk Fusion in 2007 the first product offered was Video Email. His two decades of experience, vision, and leadership have led the company to the heights of success. Although he has a strong commitment to his company his commitment to his community, animals, friends, and family is equally as strong. Long before Talk Fusion became a reality Bob Reina was an officer of the law. He started to feel the limitations the position placed on his finances and his time and began searching for another way. What he refers to as his ah-ha moment occurred when he was introduced to the industry of network marketing. Learn more:


Once Bob Reina discovered network marketing everything made sense and he started changing his life. He had his challenges and there were companies he founded that failed. He held onto his dream and continued to start over. The answer came when he tried sending a video clip to his family and was told it could not be done. He spoke with a good friend who was an IT expert, developed the model for Video Email, and never looked back. Talk Fusion became successful very quickly because he had the right product at the right place at the right time. This came about because he followed the motto of find the problem and create a better solution than anybody else.


Bob Reina believes there is power in video. He already knew it was the best way to connect with someone which left developing a personality for his brand and developing the right relationships. His marketing products help his customers communicate so every time they use his Video Newsletters, Emails, have a Live Meeting, share their testimonials, or capture leads his brand stays at the top. According to Bob Reina the rest was all about development. He feels when you present a good opportunity or product people will be pulled towards what you are offering. Talk Fusion is still growing and has become a true success story written with the ingenuity and hard work of Bob Reina. Learn more: