Barbara Stokes: Assisting the Victims of Hurricanes

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One of the strongest typhoons to hit the United States is Hurricane Harvey, and it wreaked havoc along the United States East Coast. Texas was the most battered state, leaving thousands of people without homes. Hurricane Harvey brought strong winds and rains on the state, and it caused the rivers and other bodies of water to rise and flood entire cities, especially those which are near the coastline. After the storm passes, authorities had a clearer picture of how cataclysmic the damage was. It is reported that the damage from Hurricane Harvey is estimated to cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and because of the immense amount needed in rebuilding the cities destroyed by the hurricane, the United States Government started to partner with private organizations and companies that would help to build new homes for the affected families. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.


Barbara Stokes is the chief executive officer of the Green Structure Homes of Alabama, and she is one of the first volunteers who would want to help the hurricane victims. She stated that she had seen the damage brought by Hurricane Harvey on the state of Texas on the news, and she never thinks twice about providing new homes for families who were affected. Her company, the Green Structure Homes of Alabama, is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, and they specialize in the construction of housing and other important structures after a disaster. The United States government has known how they performed in the past, and they contacted Barbara Stokes and asked for her help.



According to Barbara Stokes, the Green Structure Homes of Alabama is now operating in several factories across the United States, and they are planning to build modular homes for the victims of the hurricane. She further emphasized that the construction of hundreds of modular homes would provide jobs to those who are working at the factory whom they partnered with. The contract that they signed with FEMA cost $28.5 million, and they assured the government agency that they would be finishing all of the homes in the shortest span of time. Barbara Stokes is optimistic that the modular homes can be delivered to the affected families as soon as possible. Read more at Business Insider.