Ara Chackerian Has Built A successful Career As A Philanthropist And Investor

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Ara Chackerian is best known as a philanthropist, an investor and an entrepreneur. He currently serves ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as the Managing Partner and TMS Health Solutions as a co-founder. His career has always been based on a combination of investing and entrepreneurship. His interest in health technology has led to the creation of numerous healthcare companies. He additionally serves several healthcare companies in San Francisco as a board member. Ara Chackerian has a strong commitment to the environment and invests in many nonprofits for youth development.

TMS Health Solution is a result of his determination to build diagnostic radiology centers. He spent ten years with his partner in Northern California establishing a network. He began researching transcranial magnetic stimulation as a treatment for depression. This made him realize TMS could potentially handle talk therapy, medication and psychiatric care. The treatment was efficient for major depressive disorders yet remained fairly unknown and inaccessible. For more details visit pipelinerx

Ara Chackerian’s days are anything but typical. He admits he does not have a talent for details and calendar planning. His expertise is in coaching, strategies and visions. He places a lot of importance on the balance between his philanthropic efforts and his desires as an entrepreneur. His ideas come from his experiences and he thinks about his life often. Ara Chackerian follows digital healthcare. He believes apps for digital assisted healthcare and telemedicine are valuable for the healthcare system. He places himself in a state of calm so he can see the entrepreneurial obstacles. He finds this is easiest when he is surrounded by nature. He has often noted his best sounding board is his wife. Check out limonapateak

Ara Chackerian has learned great care must be taken before choosing a partner. During his 25 year career he has had experienced both exceptional partners and train wrecks. He does appreciate the different aspects people bring to entrepreneurial efforts. His travels in the third world have taught him basic opportunity is provided from life’s circumstances. He feels the media believes it is a matter of the capabilities of the individual and he disagrees. He simply promotes approaches and ideas he feels are destined to become winners.

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