Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers is All About the Music

Published on Author Androidita

The hit group known as The Chainsmokers has been topping the charts for over two years now and doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon! The group is made up of two DJ’s and production artists, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall was recently interviewed about his journey as a musician and what he’s all about.

Alex states that he was a DJ growing up and that he had a very real and extreme drive to create and produce music. His passion drove him to give up his current job and pursue electronic music full time. A decision that we are certainly glad he made! His manager introduced him to Andrew “Drew” Taggart and things took off very quickly from there. Both musicians brought a lot to the table and the pair seemed to be very well matched. They paired their DJ and producer skills together and the result was all around jaw dropping.

As an artist, Alex Pall does an amazing job of creating a strong and unique sound as an artist. Despite the fact that electric music is difficult for some artists to personify, Pall finds it no difficult than within any other genre. He creates honest, and intrinsically unique lyrics and a sound that’s hard to mistake for any other artist. Pall and Taggart blend the lines between dance, pop, hip-hop, and indie music and have managed to create their very own extraordinarily unique electronic sound.

The Chainsmokers also write all of their own lyrics. This, Pall believes, is a very important part of their sound and ability to connect with the present generation. When they create a song or an album, the duo and makes honest effort to have it reflect personal themes within their own lives. They strive to make more than just an electronic album. Pall says that they format their music differently than other DJ albums intentionally.

Pall has big plans for the future. With his constantly evolving sound, it’s safe to say that we can expect big things around the corner. Alex Pall plans to keep The Chainsmokers going strong!