Adam Milstein and His Mission of Advocating for Jewish People Across the Globe

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As the philanthropy world is changing, several individuals have made a name for themselves because of their ambition to make the world better place. One of the people who have earned critical acclaim in such endeavors is Adam Milstein, who is a real estate investor and advocate for Pro-Israel activism. Milstein is actively involved in philanthropy through The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.

Adam Milstein uses writing as a tool for furthering his mission of Pro-Israel activism. He has been featured as a guest writer and contributor for several noteworthy editorial platforms.

Philanthropy with a Purpose

  1. The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation

The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation was founded by Milstein and his wife with a core vision of supporting and mentoring students from Jewish backgrounds. The organization also helps them to learn more about their Jewish roots and their connection to Israel.

Today, Adam Milstein’s foundation has provided extensive resources to numerous young and ambitious Jewish scholars. Due to his efforts to provide invaluable educational experiences to these scholars, Adam Milstein has been praised severally. For instance, he was featured among the top 200 Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

  1. The Israeli-American Council

Milstein founded this organization with a vision of strengthening the relationship between the U.S. and Israel. He dedicated a lot of time and resources in spearheading the council’s expansion. Adam Milstein was also involved in developing the American foreign policy concerning Jewish and Israel relations. He is known for his fearless approach when standing up for the rights of the Jewish people and oppressed people across the globe.

Milstein’s wife is an immigrant to the United States from Morocco. Her experience as an immigrant enabled Adam Milstein to learn more about the untold experiences of minority groups. He uses this knowledge to advocate for their rights.

Milstein’s Involvement in the Real Estate Business

Apart from his involvement in philanthropy, Adam Milstein is also a popular figure in the real estate world. He is the managing partner of a property management company, which is known as Hager Pacific Properties and is valued at more than $2 billion. Hager Pacific owns and manages several lucrative properties in the United States.